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Gathering feedback about our community mental health services

We are currently carrying out an annual national survey which will collect feedback about our community mental health services. The survey is conducted by The Picker Institute on behalf of the Care Quality Commission, who monitor and regulate health and social care services. 

Survey results are published for England as a whole compared with the previous year’s results on the CQC website survey pages. Results, where available, are also published for each individual trust showing where they have performed ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than would be expected when compared with all other trusts, and when compared with previous years' scores.

The survey will be sent to 2000 people who are currently accessing our community mental health services. If you receive a survey, we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete it. Your feedback helps us to understand what we are doing well, and what we could do better.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary, and all answers are confidential. If you have any questions, or if you wish to opt out of completing the survey, please contact the Involvement Team on 0115 993 4567. 



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