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Have your say on changes to Adult Mental Health Services

Nottinghamshire Healthcare is currently undertaking a review of its adult mental health community and inpatient services, to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate therapeutic and recovery focused care to meet their needs.

Feedback from patients and clinical evidence shows that people want to be cared for in their own homes, which aids their recovery. Therefore, the Trust has proposed the creation of a further Community Rehabilitation Team serving the Mansfield and Ashfield area and the expansion of the successfully developed Community Rehabilitation Team serving residents of the City and South County of Nottinghamshire. These developments will allow more people to be supported to meet their rehabilitation need in their own homes, optimising recovery in the home environment.

This change will lead to a decrease in demand for inpatient rehabilitation beds as more people receive their care in the community, and therefore the Trust has proposed to close two open rehabilitation units, Heather Close in Mansfield and Broomhill House in Gedling.

We are speaking to staff, patients and families about these proposed changes and launched a six week engagement period on 16 June for people to have their say on the proposals.

Simon Smith, Executive Director for Local Services at the Trust, said: “We believe the proposals will enable our Adult Mental Health Services to provide the right care in the right place at the right time to promote recovery and support families and carers. We have implemented our clinical strategy relating to the delivery of rehabilitative care over the last four years and this proposal is a progression of this, allowing us to deliver the recommendations in national guidance.”

Pending the results of the engagement period, the proposals are supported by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Nottingham City and County who pay for these services. The proposals have also been presented to the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee. A final decision will be made following the engagement period.

There are a number of ways for people to share their views and more information can be found on our 'have your say' pages, including the dates of public meetings. 

The deadline for comments is 28 July 2015.



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