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Improvements to mental health facility underway

Paul Devlin, Ifti Majid and 7 colleagues from the Trust and Tilbury Douglas wearing hi vis vests and hard hats.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare has held a breaking the ground ceremony today, Monday 19 June, to mark and celebrate the construction work underway to improve its Millbrook Mental Health Unit.

Paul Devlin, Chair, and Ifti Majid, Chief Executive, were joined by colleagues from the Trust along with staff from Tilbury Douglas, the construction company carrying out the work, at the special event.

The redevelopment of Millbrook Mental Health Unit in Sutton-in-Ashfield is part of the Trust’s programme to eradicate dormitories and improve the quality of inpatient mental health care. Once completed Millbrook will be the hub for its inpatient Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP) in the north of the county, bringing together the MHSOP ward formerly based at Bassetlaw Hospital with the two current MHSOP wards at Millbrook onto one site.

It will include the refurbishment of some of the current building and new build to extend the current facilities. On completion the unit will provide three wards for over 65s all with single ensuite bedrooms: there will be an 18-bed dementia ward, an 18-bed mental health ward and a 10-bed ward for flexible use (both dementia and/or mental health).

Each ward will have a low stimulus area and a therapeutic outdoor space, there will continue to be a dedicated ECT suite, a new dedicated therapy space, as well as off-ward assessment, therapy and tribunal space, and doctors’ residence. In addition, colleagues will have access to a Health and Wellbeing hub, and visitors will have 24-hour access to refreshments. There will also be upgraded CCTV across the site, a new nurse call system and new key tracker system.

Paul Devlin, Chair, said: “We are absolutely delighted to mark and celebrate the important redevelopment of Millbrook Mental Health Unit. This is a huge step in eradicating dormitory accommodation and improving the quality of inpatient mental health care. The redevelopment will result in a fantastic facility with modern single ensuite accommodation and access to increased outdoor space and therapeutic areas. This will ensure that our patients receive their care in the best environment to meet their needs whilst maintaining their safety, privacy and dignity.

“Thank you to everyone who is involved in this exciting redevelopment. We very much look forward to seeing the end result and know that it will make a very positive difference to the lives of people who receive their care here.”

Ground breaking at Millbrook The redevelopment of Millbrook Mental Health Unit is due for completion at the end of 2024.



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