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International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day

Today is International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day and we’re supporting NHS Improvement’s campaign to increase staff and public awareness about the damaging impact of pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers can affect anyone from newborns to those at the end of life. They can cause significant pain and distress for patients. They can contribute to longer stays in hospital, increasing the risk of complications, including infection and they cost the NHS in the region of more than £1.4 million every day. The NHS is still reporting more than 1300 new pressure ulcers a month, (according to NHS Safety Thermometer data). Most pressure ulcers are preventable.

At our Care Home Achievements Success Event (CHASE) last week, we recognised the fantastic efforts that care home staff are making to reduce avoidable pressure ulcers, through support by our Tissue Viability team based within care homes in Bassetlaw.   15 out of 28 care homes achieved 0% avoidable pressure ulcers in a 12-month period. This is a fantastic achievement. 

What can you do to support the campaign?


  • Wear a red dot to show your support. The red dot is a simple symbol that we hope will bring attention to the damaging impact of pressure ulcers and enables us to continue the conversation around prevention.


  • Use your red dot to have a conversation about prevention and share this information with other staff, patients and their families.


  • Read this fact sheet on why preventing pressure ulcers is so important and what we can do about it.


  • Follow us @NottsHealthcare and share a photo of you wearing a red dot.  Tweet #stopthepressure to show your support for the prevention of pressure ulcers and join in the conversation.



Let’s Stop The Pressure on patients.



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