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Journal articles published by Podiatry Surgery Service

Three journal articles in The Diabetic Foot Journal and a book review in Podiatry Now have been written recently by staff in the Trust’s Podiatry Surgery Service along with colleagues from Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH).

”Variations in the referral of people with diabetic foot ulceration for specialist management: are we missing something?” by Alison Musgrove, lead podiatrist in diabetes at the Trust and Dr Dianne Bowskill, Associate Professor of Prescribing Education, NUH.  This pilot study highlights the need to consider perspectives of referrers when attempting to explain differences in referral timeframes across differing healthcare contexts.

“What is podiatric surgery, and can it help to improve outcomes for chronic diabetic foot disease?” by Anthony Maher, Clinical Lead Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Lisa Metcalf, Advanced Diabetes Podiatrist both from the Trust and Dr Carolyn Chee, Consultant Physician, NUH.

Lisa also wrote a further article with colleague Hannah Bond, Specialist Podiatrist in Diabetes along with Dr Ravikanth Gouni, Consultant Diabetologist NUH, and Dr Susan Snape, Consultant Microbiologist NUH, which made the front cover of the November edition of The Diabetic Foot Journal. “Diabetic foot osteomyelitis treatment: an audit of success rates in differing circumstances.”

You can also read Anthony Maher’s book review on ‘Bunion Hallux Valgus Behind The Scenes (2019), Anthony writes “There are many hallux valgus textbooks out there focussed squarely at surgeons, and there are self-help guides and online resources for patients, but what’s unusual about this book is that it bring both together in an extremely accessible format.”

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