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Kick the Habit

We are delighted to be launching a project that will support patients with serious mental illness to have the opportunity to play sport, whilst being offered advice and support to stop smoking.

Our Healthy Choices Team have been allocated funding from NHS England to deliver the 'Kick the Habit' project. It will involve football coaching and other sporting activities and at half time participants will be offered smoking cessation advice, prescribed nicotine replacement therapy and support for 12 weeks. This scheme teams up with Trent Bridge Community Trust and Notts County Football Foundation and local stop smoking services.

Dr Julie Attfield, Executive Director of Mental Health said:

“This is a fantastic partnership project where we are all working together for the benefit of our patients. It is an ideal opportunity for patients to get support with both their mental and physical health at the same time, in a fun supportive environment. If this would benefit you or someone you care for then we would love to hear from you”

Do you or someone you care for have a serious mental illness and would like to take part? Contact for more details. The project is due to start on 20 April for City based patients, to be held at Clifton Leisure Centre. For County patients it will start on 22 April at Oak Tree Leisure Centre in Mansfield. The Team are looking for 20 males and 20 females to take part in City and County.




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