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Learning Disability Specialist Dietitian shortlisted in national awards

Photograph of shortlisted individual

Phil Roberts, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Highly Specialist Dietitian and Team Lead at Nottinghamshire Healthcare has been shortlisted in the Nutrition2Me CN Awards in the Geoff Simmonett ‘Commitment to Patient Care’ Award.

Phil was put forward for his work with the PINNT charity, which supports people who are on artificial nutrition. This has included setting up and running a local PINNT group for patient and carers. Phil has been an ambassador for the charity for many years and has championed this and it’s work with patients both in his new and previous roles. 

Patients may have a feeding tube and be on artificial nutrition if they have a medical condition which impacts on their swallow. This could be related to a Learning Disability or a condition such as stroke, cancer, motor neurone disease or a brain injury, 

Phil said: I picked up quite a while ago an unmet need, that while as a professional we can support people on artificial nutrition, there is something additional to be gained from people with that lived experience, and that is why I set up a local group. 

“I am passionate about doing my best to support patients and carers and it’s an honour to be shortlisted in these awards for my work on this.” 

We  have a related speaker, people can ask questions and it is also a social event, where patients and carers can meet in a supportive environment. This is important as people can often be excluded from social events, as some are unable to eat and drink.  

These groups have been regularly evaluated with the patients and adapted in order to best suit their needs. He is also now supporting the Nottinghamshire group and has offered to share resources with other localities. By being so involved with PINNT, Phil was also able to champion Home Enteral Nutrition and ensure that patient care was at the forefront of all of his care. He has always strived to put the patients first and by promoting his roles has been able to encourage others to do the same.

Paula Vaughan, Mental Health Care Group Director at Nottinghamshire Healthcare said: said: “It is fantastic to hear that Phil has been shortlisted in these national awards. He has clearly demonstrated his commitment to providing the best possible experience for his patients and carers, which makes us very proud. We wish him luck for the next stage.” 

Nutrition2Me | 2024 CN Awards - Shortlist



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