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Nottinghamshire Healthcare is fully committed to promoting and championing diversity as well as equality of opportunity, access, dignity, respect and fairness in the services we provide. Accordingly we want to improve the quality of the services we provide so that they better meet the needs of all of our diverse communities. For this reason as part of Pride season we are asking the views of people who identify as LGBTQ+ who live in Nottingham City or Nottinghamshire County.

The survey is anonymous and does not ask for details such as your name or where you live, so please do not provide any personal details that may identify you in the free text space at the end.  It simply asks about your experiences of health and healthcare, using tick boxes in most cases. All information you provide will be stored securely and access to this information will only be available to those who need it for the purposes of analysis.  

The results of the survey, along with the paper surveys we will be asking people to complete at Nottinghamshire Pride on 27 July, will be analysed and put into a report. This report will be shared with our partner organisations in health and social care so that we all can identify key areas where we need to improve.

Thank you for completing the survey- we need your feedback to help us be the best we possibly can. You can access the survey here.



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