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Listening to feedback on five-year health and social care plan for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire – summary and full report published

The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership has published a summary and full report on the feedback received on its five-year plan for health and social care - available to view and download at

The draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) was published in November 2016. Since then, the Partnership has been seeking and listening to the views of local people, staff and stakeholders through meetings, events and written feedback.

A total of 395 people attended the four public events held in January and February this year. In addition, 80 representatives from the voluntary and community sector came together for an engagement event for those working in organisations that support local people alongside mainstream health and social care services.  Written feedback from 69 respondents was also received via email and an online survey.

Views were sought on the five priority areas and the strategic direction of the draft Plan.  General comments on the contents of the Plan were also captured through the various feedback opportunities.

David Pearson, STP lead for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, said: “We welcome the honest and constructive feedback received from local people on our joint five-year Plan.  This has helped us shape and develop our thinking and enabled us to place greater emphasis on the areas that people have told us are most important to them. The partner organisations are delighted that people took the time to read the Plan and consider our ambitions for closer working across the health and care system.

“With a significant funding gap we need to think carefully about how we organise ourselves to provide the right care in the right place to maximise value for the public money we spend on local services.  As well as helping us to gather new insights and perspectives, this feedback exercise has given the Partnership the opportunity to discuss people’s views and concerns directly with them and address some common misconceptions.  It’s important to emphasise that where any significant changes to services are proposed as part of the implementation of the Plan, people will be invited to share their views as part of a full consultation process.

“We have taken on board the feedback on the priorities outlined in the Plan where people think we need to add more focus or detail and also considered the specific areas that people felt were missing from our Plan.   An update to the STP for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire will be published next month reflecting the feedback we have received.”

All documents relating to the STP and the feedback received are available on the STP website at  To request printed copies or alternative formats please contact:

STP Office

County Hall

Loughborough Road




FullFeedbackReportFinalUpload.pdf [pdf] 737KB FeedbackSummaryFinalWebUpload.pdf [pdf] 572KB

Update to the STP FINAL 26-07-2017.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Phone: 0115 977 3577




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