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Making a difference with our old IT kit

The Trust’s IT department is currently rolling out Windows 10 software across the organisation. This means we need to update our existing, incompatible stock of PCs and laptops to new kit that will offer improved security and performance. 

However, all our old equipment is being put to good use through our approved waste disposal contractor, CTR. Over the last year we have sent CTR more than 1,000 devices for recycling. They collect all of the redundant equipment and destroy the hard drives before fully refurbishing and donating it to charities that the Trust has chosen to support: 

• Help The Homeless back to work - CTR have supplied old PCs into shelters all over the UK so that they can help people with nowhere to live to learn basic IT skills, allowing individuals to find work as well as gain valuable life skills.

• African Mid-wife project - Old Trust mobile phones have been sent for use by African midwives who are very often are responsible for a 50 mile area and have no means of communication. Old smart phones that we provide can be used to help administer medication and vaccinations, literally saving lives.

• School in a box – UNICEF puts school pens, paper, and maths aids into a large box, which allows children to continue to receive an education despite being in a war zone or an area where no school building is possible. With support from the Trust, our old recycled laptops can now also be put into these boxes which have made a huge difference to what can be taught.

Nigel Sarsfield, Senior IT Technical Support Officer, said: “It’s great to see this old kit, that we can no longer use, benefiting so many other people. It really is amazing what a difference these charities can make with this equipment and we’re delighted to offer them our support.”

Pictured - Nigel (right) and Adrian Moore from CTR (left) loading IT equipment for recycling



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