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Mansfield man shares his story of living with COPD

Peter Burrows, from Mansfield Woodhouse, was 65 when he was diagnosed with COPD, a lung disease where the airways become narrow, making it hard to breathe. There’s no cure. Instead, treatment aims to slow down the disease and ease symptoms.


As part of World COPD Day on 18 November, Peter is sharing his story to encourage others with the condition to access local support and begin living well with COPD.


Specialist nurses from Nottinghamshire Healthcare are holding a COPD Awareness Stand on Wednesday 18 November at Mansfield Community Hospital. Hear from people with COPD; understand what COPD is and its impact; learn ways to live well; and discover local support for people with COPD.


Peter’s story:

“Unless you’ve got COPD it’s hard to understand what it’s like to live with. When I was first diagnosed with COPD, it hit me. I didn’t know what to think.”


Shortly after his diagnosis, Peter’s GP referred him to a pulmonary rehab clinic, run by Nottinghamshire Healthcare, and Peter says since then he hasn’t looked back. 


“Talking to others with COPD [at the clinic] helped me to adjust and come to terms with my condition. I decided I wasn’t going to let it beat me.


“Pulmonary rehab is all about helping you to take control of your condition. And it works - I’m living proof! We were showed how to control our breathing, how to manage a flare-up. We were given information about medication, taught how to recognise our symptoms, and how to use our inhalers. I learnt why I should exercise and how. Understanding your condition can make such a big difference to your life.”

“I want people to know they can live with COPD. I’m doing it; they can too!”

In addition to volunteering with the Trust’s Respiratory Service, Peter is also treasurer for his local Breathe Easy group, supported by the British Lung Foundation. 


“It’s somewhere sociable to go. You’re amongst people with a similar condition. You can talk to each other. And it’s surprising what you pick up and learn.


“I’m not saying it’s easy; there’s no magic pill. You’ve got to do it yourself. But, you get out what you put in. Be positive. I still go caravanning. I enjoy photography. I play with my grandchildren. I just take it a bit slower now. The nurses in Mansfield and Ashfield, I think, are some of the best in the Country; they’re supportive in every way. 


“I want people to know they can live with COPD. I’m doing it; they can too!”


The Trust’s Respiratory / COPD teams operate across Nottinghamshire, helping patients to manage their condition, through exercise and education. Referrals can be made via GP, Nurse or Consultant. 



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