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Message from the Chief Executive

John Brewin is Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare:

" I am extremely proud of the hard work that has gone on within the Trust, especially over the long Easter weekend, to keep the majority of our srvices running and to support the people that we care for. Staff are working incredibly hard, in the most difficult of circumstances, and going the extra mile, with a smile on their face, to keep supporting our service users and patients. In these uncertain times, it is a situation that is difficult for people at home as well as at work, but our staff continue to come to work, demonstrating their professionalism, compassion and care. I'd like to thank each and every one of them for all they are doing, not only the clinical staff providing front line care, but also the vast army of support staff. Together we will get through this. To members of the public, stay home and stay safe."




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