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Names revealed for our new mental health services hub for children and families

We are delighted to announce that the Trust’s new £21million mental health services hub for children, young people and families will be called Hopewood.

A naming competition and over 20 engagement events were held to seek the views of patients, staff and people involved in the new development.

People asked for names with a strong link to nature, which created a sense of hope and inspiration in a place which is homely and welcoming. Thank you to everyone who gave their time and feedback to name the site. The names for the different services and areas are as follows:



Adolescent Unit

The Lookout Adolescent Unit

Eating Disorder Ward


General Adolescent Unit Ward


Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit 



Green Haven 

Perinatal ward

Margaret Oates Mother and Baby Unit

Community CAMHS

Pebble Bridge Community CAMHS Centre


The Lookout Education Centre



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