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NDL Community Awards - eObservations Highly Commended

We are delighted to announce the Trust has been Highly Commended in this year’s NDL Community Awards within the Caring and Sharing category. The Trust has been successful in this category for its implementation of electronic observations in mental health settings, and presenting this to other organisations who have since implemented eObs solutions, influenced by the Trusts successful design and implementation. The Trust’s solution has meant staff are able to record observations on tablet devices based on individually prescribed plans, providing access to patient data in real-time and reducing the time taken to complete an observation compared to previous paper-based processes.

The Trust’s project was implemented at Rampton Hospital and Wathwood Hospital over 18 months ago and over 8 million electronic observations have been recorded in this time. The project is nearing completion and has been extended across all of Forensic Services and Adult Mental Health Services. This award is fantastic news and recognises the success of the project and hard work of several Health Informatics and Clinical Teams.

The Trust will receive a contribution to its chosen charity as a result of its success in the above category.

NDL is company that provide the MX Software which is a mobile platform on which you can develop your own App solutions. NDL provide the software platform and support organisations as they develop their solutions.

They run these awards to celebrate  their Public Sector colleagues achievements through the use of their technologies.



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