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New hub launched to support people with working age dementia

Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s Working Age Dementia Service has launched a new ‘Peer Support Hub’ in Edwinstowe for people who are living with or supporting someone with working age dementia.


The hub, which is provided in partnership by the Trust with Newark and Sherwood District Council and Outside the Cave, will be a place for people with similar lived experiences to meet on a weekly basis. The hub will be run by Outside the Cave and will offer information, advice and a programme of therapeutic activities including yoga, hand massage, mindfulness and arts and crafts.


Working Age Dementia is a diagnosis of dementia in people under the age of 65. The Trust’s specialist service supports individuals who have already received a diagnosis of dementia. The priority is to help people to stay in their communities and maintain autonomy, control and independence in all aspects of their lives for as long as possible.


The hub helps to support this by providing further links with the local community, increase support networks, encourage new friendships and enable and empower individuals to live well with dementia with the support of local services. Following its launch, the hub will meet every Wednesday from 1.00pm – 3.00pm at Outside the Cave, Ollerton Road, Edwinstowe.


Sharon Grocock, Peer Support Lead for the Working Age Dementia Service, said: “We are really excited to be launching the Peer Support Hub in Edwinstowe. We have set up hubs in other areas and have seen how beneficial they have been to people living with working age dementia and their families. The hub provides an opportunity for people to share their experiences, create friendships and access information and advice. This all helps to reduce isolation, give hope and raise awareness, helping people to stay independent for as long as possible.”


The hub is open to anyone with working age dementia, their carers and family members. People are welcome to drop in or stay for the whole two hours. Attendees are asked for a £2.00 contribution towards the activities on offer.


The programme and development of the hub was coproduced with members from the Lammas Peer Support Group, which was the first hub set up by the Trust in the County.



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