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New resources to support children having teeth extracted

Our Oral Health Promotion Team have been working with the children’s surgical day unit at the QMC and community dental service to create some fantastic resources for children that are at the QMC to have teeth extracted.

The Oral Health Team felt it was really important to support both children and families undergoing a visit to the hospital for tooth extraction. By working together with the Community Dental Services, and the Children Surgical Day Unit, these resources have been created.

Julia Wilkinson, Senior Health Promotion Specialist said:

“The aim of the resources is to provide something for the children/families to do whilst they wait or are in recovery as it can be a traumatic time for both child and parent. They can even take the pack home to do later if they wish. It is both a distraction plus an educational tool to share important health messages and also to educate the wider family. Through education we hope to prevent the likelihood of any future visits.”

The resources include an activity booklet with colouring pens, a bravery sticker, a Well Done For Being Brave Certificate and a toothbrushing chart plus a toothbrush and toothpaste.

The team secured additional funding from NHS England to enable them to create these brand new resources.

The staff were really excited and grateful to receive the resources.

Victoria Smith, Ward Manager at QMC said:

“The new resource packs are fantastic for our young people coming in for dental procedures, they are a great form of distraction and also educational, it provides the young person with something enjoyable to do whilst waiting to prevent boredom, the tooth paste and tooth brush will also promote good dental hygiene and hopefully prevent and further extractions needed – hopefully all improving the young person’s experience when coming into hospital.”






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