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New site to improve mental health care for adults

Nottinghamshire Healthcare has completed the contract to purchase the St Andrew’s Hospital site in Mansfield.

The site, which will be named Sherwood Oaks, will be the new adult inpatient mental health unit in Mansfield. The Trust’s inpatient services for adults currently provided at its Millbrook Mental Health Unit will be moved here next year. This move is part of ongoing work to improve inpatient mental health care in the local area.

Sherwood Oaks will result in significant improvements to the physical care environment for patients, providing modern, single ensuite accommodation and increased outdoor space. This will ensure that patients receive their care in the best facilities while maintaining their safety, privacy and dignity, along with the therapeutic benefit of the ward environment on their wellbeing.

Dr John Brewin, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare, said: “We are delighted to have completed the purchase of this site. Sherwood Oaks will enable us to provide the highest standard of care for our patients in the best environment at a time when they are at their most vulnerable and unwell. It will also mean that staff are able to deliver this care in the best conditions possible. We are incredibly proud to take this important step in improving the quality of mental health inpatient care for the local population and look forward to opening this fantastic new unit in the near future.”

Following a period of modifications, it is anticipated that Sherwood Oaks will open in Spring/early Summer 2021 with the current inpatient services for adults at Millbrook Mental Health Unit transferred then. This will leave the Trust’s Mental Health Services for Older People at Millbrook, allowing space for significant modifications to the unit and improvements to the environment. The Trust will continue to involve staff, patients, service users, carers and local organisations in these developments.




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