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New triage care model to transform community nursing in Mansfield and Ashfield

A new streamlined ‘triage and responder’ model of care is to transform the way the Trust's community nursing is delivered in Mansfield and Ashfield.

The Trust’s Community Nursing triage and responder service for adults will be co-located with the Trust’s Urgent Care Triage team at Ashfield Health and Wellbeing Centre to ensure joined up, seamless care across the area.  The new model will provide one point of clinical triage for urgent care and community nursing, and a multidisciplinary team approach will allow clinicians in both services to have face-to-face dialogue.  This will ensure patients are seen by the most suitable service to meet their needs at that time.

The transformation will give a more streamlined approach to unplanned need, providing a dedicated Community Nursing response to urgent/SOS call outs across the area. This will remove the urgent demand from the Community Nursing teams, allowing them to project their planned workload.

The new base will also offer a wealth of resource to the teams, including Palliative Care and The Community Urgent Response and Rehabilitation team.

Elizabeth Randle, Integrated Care Team Leader at the Trust said, “Both teams have worked hard to deliver the transformation including engagement sessions across Mansfield and Ashfield and our ongoing work with Nottingham Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) to promote appropriate streaming of calls to our Community Nursing triage.  This new way of working together will enable staff to share skills and knowledge and to support one another in decision-making, ensuring the best outcome for the patient.”



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