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New x-ray unit provides one-stop-shop

Anthony Maher, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Patients in Nottinghamshire will soon benefit from a new £65,000 Podiatric Mini C-arm X-ray Unit at the Podiatric Surgery Service at Park House Health and Social Care Centre, based in Carlton.

From April, the Trust's Podiatric Surgery Service will be able to x-ray patients at their clinics, meaning patients will no longer have to make unnecessary visits to Nottingham City Hospital for post-operative x-rays.

The Podiatric Surgery Service specialises in the assessment and surgical management of complex foot disorders. Patients are usually referred by their GP and an initial assessment by the podiatric team determines whether surgery would be advantageous. Regardless of whether surgery is needed, often multiple x-rays are necessary throughout the patient's journey.  

Duncan Heaney, Head of Podiatry, said:

“The purchase of this equipment is another exciting step in the development of the podiatric surgery service at Park House, and the ambition to become the provider of choice for service users in Nottinghamshire.

“It emphasises the ongoing commitment and confidence of both the trust and commissioners in the podiatric surgery team in delivering a cost effective,  evidence based service, that can also demonstrate high levels of clinical outcomes.

“The team utilises PASCOM -10 (Podiatric Audit of Surgery and Clinical Outcomes), which is a nationally accredited audit system developed by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. The most recent audit report indicated that 96% of patients felt that their treatment needs or expectations had been wholly or partially met.”

The new equipment will bring greater patient outcomes and experience including:

  • Improved accuracy of both surgery and complex injections and improved patient safety and outcomes.
  • Post-operative x-rays not being required routinely, avoiding unnecessary trips to hospital early in the patient's post-operative recovery.
  • The need for post-operative x-rays will being reduced by 80%

The Mini C-arm X-ray Unit will also help the drive to reduce hospital admissions and move services out of the acute sector and into the community.

Anthony Maher, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, added:

“Patient feedback for this service has always been high because of the great personalised treatment and low waiting times, I am delighted that we can now offer an even better service.”

Currently, the service sees estimated 1100 patients, each year.



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