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NHS Staff Survey 2021 results – we each have a voice that counts

Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s results from the national NHS Staff Survey 2021 have been published today, with over 5,000 staff sharing their views about working at the Trust.

The Trust’s response rate was 56.9%, with 5,072 responses. For the first time, the survey is aligned to the seven themes of the NHS People Promise, alongside the two previous elements of staff engagement and morale. The Trust’s overall scores (out of 10) for each area are:

  • We are compassionate and inclusive – 7.4
  • We are recognised and rewarded – 6.2
  • We each have a voice that counts – 6.8
  • We are safe and healthy – 6.2
  • We are always learning – 5.4
  • We work flexibly – 6.6
  • We are a team – 6.9
  • Staff engagement – 6.9
  • Morale – 6.0

The survey identifies areas where the Trust is performing well and where improvements need to be made. The feedback is used to continue to improve staff experiences, services and patient care. Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.



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