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NHS Staff Survey 2022 results – we each have a voice that counts

Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s results from the national NHS Staff Survey 2022 have been published, with nearly 5,000 staff sharing their views about working at the Trust.

The Trust received a fantastic response rate of 53.4%, with 4,690 responses, which is higher than the average response rate when compared to similar Community and Mental Health Trusts who took part in the survey.

For the second time, the survey is aligned to the seven themes of the NHS People Promise, alongside the two elements of staff engagement and morale. The Trust’s overall scores (out of 10) for each are below with its 2021 scores in brackets for comparison:

  • We are compassionate and inclusive – 7.4 (7.4)
  • We are recognised and rewarded – 6.1 (6.2)
  • We each have a voice that counts – 6.8 (6.8)
  • We are safe and healthy – 6.2 (6.2)
  • We are always learning – 5.4 (5.4)
  • We work flexibly – 6.6 (6.6)
  • We are a team – 7.0 (6.9)
  • Staff engagement – 6.9 (6.9)
  • Morale – 6.0 (6.0)

Overall, the Trust is in a very similar position to 2021, except for ‘recognised and rewarded’ being slightly lower due to colleagues indicating dissatisfaction with levels of pay; something reflected nationally in the recent industrial action. However, it is positive that the ‘team’ element has slightly improved. The number of colleagues recommending the Trust as a place to work has also slightly improved, however, those happy with the standard of care provided has reduced.

The results show several areas where the Trust is performing better: improved experiences linked to Kindness, Civility and Respect; numbers of colleagues feeling that the organisation is taking positive action on health and wellbeing; and teamworking.

The results also identify areas to focus on for improvement: review of appraisals to link meaningfully to continuous development and career pathways; improving experience of all colleagues – addressing the disparity of people with protected characteristics; supporting colleagues to feel safe to speak up and report issues.

In addition to its substantive colleagues, the Trust also surveyed its bank (temporary) colleagues, with a response rate of 29.5%, with 387 responses. The results show bank colleagues are enthusiastic about their work and the Trust’s action on health and wellbeing but there is a need to focus on being made to feel part of the team.

Ifti Majid, Chief Executive, said: “It’s fantastic that so many colleagues completed the survey and shared their views. This gives us a real insight into colleagues’ experiences of working at the Trust so that we can make any changes needed to improve this.

“I’m delighted that we are performing better in several areas, in particular improved experiences linked to kindness, civility and respect, along with health and wellbeing, as these two areas were priorities highlighted in last year’s results, demonstrating that the improvements made are really taking effect.

“The results have also identified some areas for improvement and we will work together with colleagues across the organisation to address these and make sure that the changes they would like to see are made.”



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