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Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks 2019

Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks (NMHAWs) are just around the corner, taking place from 7 to 18 October. The unique annual awareness weeks aim to reduce stigma and promote a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

The campaign is made up of multiple workshops and events around Nottingham held by different community groups and organisations who are dedicated to supporting people with their mental health. The events are provided by the community to reflect the variety and range of approaches to mental health and wellbeing within Nottingham.

The events are open to anyone who is interested and include subjects ranging from creativity, to combatting stigma surrounding mental health.

The Nottinghamshire Healthcare Involvement Team are hosting an event at their Rosewood Hub on the 11 October. This will include music, gardening, food and great company, so why not join them?

Also on the agenda is a Nottingham Soup event hosted by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), on Tuesday the 15 October, at THiNK: Meeting Rooms and Art Gallery in Cobden Chambers. This is an event where people get together, each donating a minimum of £5 for tasty homemade soup, and listen to pitches for positive action and community projects. The audience vote for their favourite and the winner takes all of the donations! This event will promote ideas that use the arts to address mental health issues. 

The IMH will also be hosting a Twitter takeover on that day (Oct 15) so follow their Twitter for updates: @institutemh

A full list of all the events taking place and more information about the awareness weeks is available on the Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks website:



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