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Nottinghamshire Healthcare announces newly elected Governors

Group photos of Governors Nottinghamshire Healthcare concluded its 2015 elections recently. The election process involved postal and online votes to its existing Trust members and staff. Nominees put themselves forward and members voted for their preferred candidates.  Each candidate will now represent the views of its members, staff and the wider public.

The Council of Governors are intrinsic to the governance arrangements of the Trust in that they hold the Non-Executive Directors accountable for the performance of the Board of Directors. Your governors will represent your views and interest about Nottinghamshire Healthcare and help steer the strategic direction of the Trust.


Nottinghamshire Healthcare is pleased to announce the following members have been elected:

Public: Nottingham City

  • Margaret Danaford

Public: Nottinghamshire County

  • Julie Ordan

  • Derek Brown

  • Sharon Cook

  • Mike Holmes

  • Maxine Robinson

Public: South Yorkshire and the rest of the East Midlands

  • Keith Sykes           

Staff: Allied Health Professionals

  • Jane Young

Staff: Clinical Support Staff

  • Phil Cummings


Suzanne Foulk, Interim Lead Governor for the Trust is delighted to welcome newly elected Governors to the council. She said: “The role of Governor is one that inspires change to an organisation that cares for its patients, staff and public. It’s an opportunity to be the voice of your constituency and gain valuable experience in Nottinghamshire Healthcare. I look forward to working with you all in the future. ” 



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