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Nottinghamshire Healthcare awarded the National Preceptorship Interim Quality Mark

Nottinghamshire Healthcare has been awarded the National Preceptorship Interim Quality Mark. This means that the Trust has been recognised as an organisation with a high quality Preceptorship programme for newly qualified registered healthcare professionals.

Preceptorship is a period of structured support for newly registered healthcare professionals including nurses, nursing associates and allied healthcare professionals.

The Trust was reviewed by a panel made up of representatives from the regional nursing teams of NHS England, the regional preceptorship communities of practice and an external assessor. The panel praised the Trust on the clear and inclusive nature of the preceptorship policy, the strong offer to support preceptors and the robust nature of evaluation.

Claire Webb, Pre and Post Graduate Clinical Professional Development Lead, said:

This is a great honour for the Trust to showcase the commitment we have to our preceptees and preceptors within the organisation.

Starting your journey as a newly qualified member of staff in a large organisation, such as the NHS, can be daunting and often challenging. We hope that the dedicated preceptorship programme will offer newly qualified nurse, nursing associates and allied health professionals the support and guidance they need to have an enjoyable first year; where they can thrive and develop into confident clinical staff.



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