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Nottinghamshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Local NHS providers, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), councils, and other health and care services have formed the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire STP footprint - one of 44 in England - to collectively plan how local services will work to improve the quality of care, their population’s health and manage finances across the system. 

STPs will drive a genuine and sustainable transformation in health and care outcomes over the next five years and help accelerate the implementation of the NHS Five Year Forward View locally. As well as strengthening local relationships through joint planning and working, STPs provide partner organisations with a shared understanding of the current challenges, a joint ambition and the steps needed to achieve the sustainability of local health and care services for the future.

The STP is now available in an easy to understand format.

STP Quick Guide Final Easy Read.pdf [pdf] 44KB

STP Quick Guide Final Leaders and Managers.pdf [pdf] 52KB



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