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Nottinghamshire’s partnership approach wins national Integrated Health Award

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The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Community Care Transformation Programme has won a national Integrated Health Award.

The transformation programme was developed with partners from across the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS). It aims to plan and deliver sustainable community care services that help local people be as independent as possible by supporting their physical, mental and social needs.

The programme won the Best Initiative Supporting Integrated Care Systems category. It was also shortlisted in the Most Promising Pilot and Transformation Programme of the Year categories.

Ifti Majid Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare said: “We are thrilled to have won a national award, recognising how we are coming together to use our expertise to develop and deliver the best possible care as a partnership.”

“By working together more effectively we are delivering more efficient treatments for patients, so that they receive the best care possible, no matter who is providing their service in this joint programme.

Amanda Sullivan, Chief Executive at NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, said: “Congratulations to everyone who has been involved. This programme is helping us bring people together in each community and find out what their issues are so we can respond to their needs and develop support tailored to each area.

“There are already some great examples of work taking place in response to feedback, including involving people living with dementia in developing services in Broxtowe and introducing community support records for people in Newark to ensure all their key contacts are in one place.”

Bringing local partners together

Partners from across the health and care system, including Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), Nottinghamshire Healthcare, Nottingham CityCare Partnership, Nottingham City Council and Notts County Council, worked closely together to establish the Community Care Transformation Programme (CCTP)

Previously, much community health was delivered through standalone services and the standardised delivery models didn’t reflect the differences in the needs of local populations. In addition to having few links between the services, there was not enough consideration of the wider determinants of health which may affect different communities in different ways, such as levels of unemployment and issues with housing. Also, the teams involved in care tended to identify more with their employing organisation than with their geographical area.

The changes and the difference they have made

As part of the CCTP, the partners have worked together to introduce ‘place-based’ community teams, which use population health data to drive services based on local needs. These see all the partners working together better and linking with other community organisations such as charities to support local people in improving their own health outcomes.

The teams are learning as they go, sharing lessons with each other through ‘what good looks like’ themes, and this learning has helped them to develop the new joined-up services across five early adopter sites. The aim is to continue to spread this methodology across the entire integrated care system (ICS) area to have a far-reaching impact through better planning, integration and communication.

About the awards

The Integrated Health awards, run by the Integrated HLTH online media platform, focus on transformation, improvement and positive change.

Winners were announced on 25 May. Find out more at: It’s time to share the winners of the Integrated Health Awards 2023! – Integrated HLTH



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