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OSCARS 2022 - Winners

The OSCARS is our awards scheme for our staff and volunteers. This is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding work of you, our staff and volunteers, who provide high quality mental health, intellectual disability, substance misuse and community health services.

We had a fantastic evening at our awards ceremony on 5 September 2022. A big thank you to all of our sponsors, who made this possible. A special thank you to our headline sponsor Mitie.

Our winners were as follows.

The Unsung Hero Award - Non Clinical

Nigel Sarsfield

The Unsung Hero Award – Clinical

Highly Commended - Dr Tansy Warrilow

Winner - Ameet Malhotra

The Leadership Award

Harvir Kaur Purawal

The Quality Improvement Award

IslaCare Project

The Team of the Year Award - Non Clinical

Quality Review Team at Lings Bar Hospital

The Team of the Year Award – Clinical

Aintree Autism Team

The Environmental Impact Award

Wathwood Hospital

The Outstanding Care and Compassion Award

CAMHS Intellectual Disability Team

The Volunteer of the Year Award

Gordon Taylor

The Lifetime Achievement Award

Deborah Thompson AND Sarah Pashley


You can see the list of all of our fantastic shortlisted nominees below. 

Unsung Hero Award – Non-Clinical

Colleen Lindwall, Administrator, The Lookout Adolescent Unit, Hopewood

Nigel Sarsfield, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Duncan Macmillan House

Elaine Wilson, Personal Assistant, Rampton Hospital

Rosalyn Horspool, Environmental Care Co-ordinator, Millbrook Mental Health Unit


Unsung Hero Award – Clinical

Dr Tansy Warrilow, Clinical Psychologist, Rampton Hospital

Dr Anu Priya, Consultant Psychiatrist, Bassetlaw Hospital

Lisa Prevett, Therapeutic Activity Coordinator, Millbrook Mental Health Unit

Ameet Malhotra, HI Intensity Worker Trainee and Interpersonal Therapist, IAPT Nottingham, Oxford Corner and Westminster House

Chloe Duncan, Senior Nurse, Hopewood


Leadership Award

Sarah McCartney, Head of Adult Services, West Bridgford Health Centre

Harvir Kaur Purawal, Specialist Community Dietitian/AHP Project Lead, Mansfield Community Hospital

Donna Smith, Head of Nursing, AHP's and Quality, Retford Hospital

Dr Joanne Levene, Acting Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Lead for Physical Health Psychology, Kings Mill Hospital


Team of the Year Award – Non-Clinical

The Tooth Fairies (aka The Oral Health Promotion Team)

Safeguarding, Duncan Macmillan House

Lings Bar Hospital -  Quality Review Team

John Eastwood Hospice Support Services


Team of the Year Award – Clinical

Aintree Autism Team, Rampton Hospital

Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health

Lister Ward Team, The Wells Road Centre

Adult Mental Health Deaf Services, Stonebridge Centre


Quality Improvement Award

Katy Twigg, Team Leader, Rampton Hospital

Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP) Falls Group

Community CAMHS Team

IslaCare Project


Outstanding Care and Compassion Award

Chaplaincy and Psychology, John Eastwood Hospice

CAMHS Intellectual Disability Team

Nia Hayden, Nurse Associate, West Bridgford Health Centre

Duwayne Blackwood, Technical Support Engineer, Duncan Macmillan House


Volunteer of the Year

Arnold Lodge Volunteer Visitor Scheme

Wendy Wheat

Gordon Taylor

Joseph Chandy


Environmental Impact Award

Wathwood Hospital

Nadia Frowd, Clinical Studies Development Officer, Institute of Mental Health

The Live Team

Arnold Lodge Therapy Services

For more information about the OSCARS email or call the Communications Team on 0115 993 4530.



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