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Our final story for Pharmacy Technician Day is from Ashley, Offender Health Pharmacy Technician

Tuesday 18 October 2022 is Pharmacy Technician Day, a day we can celebrate all the wonderful contributions pharmacy technicians and support staff make to pharmacy, healthcare and wider society.

We want to say a massive thank you to all our fantastic pharmacy technicians and support staff. You make invaluable contributions to patient health, safety and are an integral part of the healthcare team and deserve all the accolades you receive. Without you there would be no pharmacy and you deserve a day for all your tireless work.

It is also a day for pharmacy technicians to reflect on their careers and realise the impact they've had on patients and fellow pharmacy professionals. We will be sharing some of their stories throughout the day.

Our final story for Pharmacy Technician Day is from Ashley Offender Health Pharmacy Technician. He talks about his role in Offender Health, the importance of being a team player and how much he enjoys working with his team. 

Ashley - Senior Pharmacy Technician

My name is Ashley and I’m a senior pharmacy technician for offender health. Every day varies but my main duties are allocating duties for the other pharmacy team members, administration of medication as well as liaising with GPs and the other healthcare team members regarding medications. This is important as we conduct daily medicines reconciliation.

In this environment you must have an air of confidence, to perform well. I think being friendly and approachable is key and as well as being a team player. As it's not just the pharmacy team, we work with mental health, substance misuse teams and primary care so important being a team player and working well with others.

Pharmacy is a small area within healthcare so people outside may not necessarily understand exactly what we do on a day-to-day basis. So, working alongside other people that do understand what you do, you can’t help but become a very close small little family.



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