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Our Queen's Nurses

We are very proud of Cherry Rumsey, Community Matron, Lana Naylor, District Nurse, Hiedi Swift, Respiratory Nurse Specialist and Lesley Mountney, Community Paediatric Matron. All have been awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse (QN). A Queen’s Nurse title is given to individual nurses who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to patient care and nursing practice. 

Tabetha Darmon, Executive Director of Nursing AHP and Quality said:

“Huge congratulations to Cherry, Lana, Hiedi and Lesley on this amazing achievement. They all continually work hard to provide outstanding care and be the best nurses they can be. It is fantastic to see their commitment to their patients and nursing recognised in this way. Well done.”

Cherry said:

“I am very honoured to have received the Queen’s Nurse title and it is a landmark moment in my career. I have always considered it a privilege to care for patients and their families in their own homes, and to be able to tailor nursing care to the patient. This award is recognition of all that I have done over the years, but it also motivates me to continue the work and inspire others around me to do the same. I have been welcomed into a community of incredible nurses that inspire me to go further and reach my full potential.”

One of Cherry’s patients previously commented: “After talking to Cherry I felt so much better. I was in such a dark place, and she lifted my family and I up, speaking to me alone and then to my husband and then finally alone with my daughter. Nothing felt like too much trouble to Cherry.”

Nicola Zurawliw, Head of Adult Services for Nottingham West Community Services, said about Lana “Lana started as a community staff nurse in Nottingham West. After development opportunities, she went on to complete her BSc Hons in Community Specialist Practice and qualified as a district nurse. Returning to Nottingham West, Lana continued to deliver excellent high quality care, within excellent leadership and management skills and professionalism. She is an educator in practice, always striving for excellence and is very deserving of the Queen’s Nurse title. In Nottingham West we are very proud of Lana’s achievement and she is an asset to our services, the local community she serves and it’s a privilege to have her in our teams.”

Lana added, “I am absolutely thrilled and so thankful to have received the title of Queen’s Nurse. It is amazing to be recognised for the patient care I have delivered over the past 10 years for Nottinghamshire Healthcare and the commitment I have to my role as a district nurse, my team and the populations I serve. At times it has been a difficult path to be on so it is wonderful that this has happened and has reinforced some of the reasons why I became a nurse. I couldn’t have achieved this without the support from my managers and my team of wonderful nursing staff, also the partnership working I have with the patients – who are so grateful for the service they have and supported me in doing this. I will continually aim to improve my practice and strive for better. I am so grateful that I have now been welcomed into the Queen’s Nurse Initiative and I am surrounded by other inspirational nurses.”

Hiedi Swift. Respiratory Nurse Specialist was awarded the title as recognition of the work she has done over the years in changing service provision and service delivery within both primary and secondary care settings. Developing policies and procedures to keep staff and patients safe.

Hiedi said: "It is an absolute honour to receive the Queens Nurse Title and it was quite an emotional day for me finding out I have been awarded this.

"I have always been interested in working within Respiratory Medicine in both secondary care and Primary care. Being privileged to work across both areas of care has provided me with a broad insight into how care differs and how the changes of control vary between patients given the environment they are cared for in.

One of Hiedi's patients wrote a letter saying how important her home visits were to them and knowing she was visiting provided them with support and provided education on how a patient’s lifestyle can be adapted to allow them to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Hiedi continued: "I have been very fortunate to work with some of the best nurses in the NHS and their support and love have allowed me to spread my wings and teach nursing students and showcase the work Community teams do and the opportunities available to develop and grow.

"I will treasure the Queens Nurse Title and continue to strive for excellence in Respiratory Care and use the experience of others who hold the Title of Queens Nurse to inspire the next generation of Nurses in Respiratory Care."

Lesley Mountney, Community Paediatric Matron said: 

"I am immensely honoured to have been awarded the Queen’s Nurse title. I have worked in or as part of the children’s community nursing team for the past ten years and having my commitment in providing the best care, improving services, and developing staff recognised has made me very proud.

"Going above and beyond has become normal practice in healthcare and nurses do not expect recognition for what they are doing, and they cannot see the remarkable impact of their work on others around them. By me obtaining the award the hope is that I can encourage other members of staff to acknowledge this and apply for the title and recognition too.

"I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and experience as a Queen’s Nurse and sharing that across the service I work in."

You can apply to become a Queen’s Nurse by completing a rigorous application to the Queens Nurse Institute which consists of a statement about yourself, your vision for community nursing and evidencing how you have contributed to community nursing over the years. Alongside this they contact, with permission, patients that you have cared for, and they have an opportunity to give a statement about the care you have given and the impact that care has had on them and their families. The Queen’s Nursing Institute panel then meet and decide which nurses with be given the title.



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