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Overseas students visit Children's Centres

Three postgraduate students from Chung-Ang University in Seoul visited the Trust’s Children’s Centres recently to understand the core services that they offer to families with children under five years. The students had found out about the existence of the centres following the publicity surrounding the 2018 Ofsted inspection rating of outstanding at one of the Children’s Centre sites. As students of social policy they were interested in how the private and public sector interact and how the service implements support programmes through group-work and home visiting.

The students, accompanied by Karon Foulkes, General Manager for Children and Young People Services, visited two of the Children’s Centre sites in Chilwell and Arnold areas. The students were impressed by the staff expertise, the holistic approach taken by the centres in meeting the children’s needs and how the service engages with families. They were seeking areas for research which explore the impact of social policy on outcomes for children and adults.  After their flying visit the students left to travel to the Social Policy Department at Durham University.

Pictured centre (l-r) are: Eunkeong, Mijin and Ohkyong with staff at Chilwell Children’s Centre



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