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Patients work on creative project for Armed Forces Week

For Armed Forces Week, patients at Rampton Hospital have been working on a creative project called ‘The Eleventh Hour’

The Eleventh hour is a project being led by occupational therapists within the Personality Disorder and National high Secure Deaf Services at Rampton Hospital. 

Patients and staff are working together to produce an exhibition of artwork, using the idea of military pin cushions, to honour and remember those who have both served in the armed forces/contributed to war efforts around the world. Some of these fantastic designs you can see below. 

Military pin cushions Military pin cushions

The illustrations/themes depicted on the hearts are varied.  Themes range from present day where the work of the armed forces is recognised to remembering and honouring the soldiers who fought in the Crimea war, WW!, and WW2, the work of the land girls, entertainers, poets, and animals who have served their country.

They aim to produce 48 of these hearts and bespoke frames are being made in the woodcrafts area within the PD service.   



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