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Public Consultation - Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme

People in Nottinghamshire are being asked for their views to help transform and deliver the right services for children, young people and adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism who display behaviour that challenges.


The Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme is being led by NHS commissioners, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Nottinghamshire is one of five areas nationally which has been selected by NHS England to lead the way in helping to change how we provide care. This includes:

  • Reducing the number of people that are admitted to hospital unnecessarily
  • Improving access to interventions to prevent a health crisis
  • Putting in place the right support for those who need help in a crisis.

The aim is to transform care and provide support for individuals so that their care is focused on keeping them healthy, well and whenever appropriate supported in the community rather than staying in unnecessary inpatient settings.


The plans are to have effective services and support for people and their families so that over a period of time we can reduce the need for inpatient services. The plan is to redesign services in four main ways. These are:

  • Early Intervention: providing the right kind of help to people and their families early on
  • Crisis Prevention: providing the right kind of support when it looks as if problems are developing
  • Addressing Crises: responding well in a crisis so that people are only admitted to hospital if it is necessary
  • Effective Discharge: getting better at making arrangements for people to leave hospital

To view the proposals and complete the short survey please follow the link:

 Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme 2016

Easy Read – Nottinghamshire Care Programme 2016

Consultation closes: 20 May (midnight) 2016




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