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Raising awareness of Developmental Language Disorder

Today is International Development Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day and the Trust’s Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service are raising awareness to spread the word about DLD so you and your family can get the right help they need.

Up to two children in every classroom of 30 will have developmental language disorder yet it is probably one of the most common childhood conditions that is never heard of.  Many people know about ADHD and autism but what about Developmental Language Disorder.

What is Development Language Disorder (DLD)?

DLD is when a child or adult has difficulties talking and/or understanding language.  It is a hidden disability that affects approximately two children in every classroom, affecting literacy, learning, friendships and emotional well-being.  It can reduce access to education, employment and social interaction.

Despite the high prevalence, the exact cause of DLD remains unknown. It can run in families and be influenced by genetics.

DLD is a life-long condition: children don’t grow out of it.

It impacts on:

  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Social interaction
  • Behaviour
  • Mental health

Support from professionals can make a real difference

Support from professionals, including speech and language therapists, can make a real difference to people with DLD. Tracey Corbett, a highly specialist speech and language therapist at the Trust, talks about DLD and how SLTs play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing the condition on the Trust’s blog. 

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy team are also supporting DLD Awareness Day today to increase local people’s understanding of the condition and will be providing information to local schools, supporting staff to help children with speech, language and communication needs. They will also be promoting DLD awareness at their bases across the County.

You can learn more about DLD by:

  • watching the DLD 123 film from Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (RADLD) where 9-year olds, Eddie and Dyls, talk about DLD.
  • following @Nottshealthcare on Twitter where we will be sharing facts throughout the day using hashtags #DLDYouandMe  #DLDAwarenessDay. 
  • If a child has persisting difficulties with talking, they may need an assessment by a qualified speech and language therapist. If you live in Nottinghamshire, you can get in touch with our Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service for advice and guidance. Visit:  



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