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Rampton Hospital highly commended in Koestler Awards

Staff and patients on Malvern Ward at Rampton Hospital have been highly commended in this year’s Koestler Awards.

The Koestler Awards showcase art submitted by people in custody. This year they received over 6,500 entries, judged by experts from across the world.

For their entry, the staff and patients designed a cape made up of individually decorated plastic panels. When the cape hits the light, the panels illuminate. The project, named Standing Together, represents the battle to end stigma, bullying, poverty and racism.

Rachael Humpston, Occupational Therapist at Rampton Hospital, said: “The benefits of creative activities, such as the Standing Together project, are vast. They help patients to form connections and provide opportunities for self-expression, reflection and the development of new skills.

"This is an amazing achievement for the patients involved, and we are now exploring ways in which we can have the cape framed to display in the hospital.”

A huge well done to everyone involved!

The Standing Together cape    Standing Together cape close up



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