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Rampton Hospital Ward Manager shortlisted in Nursing Times Workforce Awards for dedication to exceptional patient care

Picture of shortlisted nominee Darren Lount containing text and stars.

An outstanding member of staff at Rampton Hospital has been shortlisted in the Nursing Times Workforce Awards for his dedication to exceptional patient care.

Darren Lount, Ward Manager, has been shortlisted in the Nurse Manager of the Year category. He has been shortlisted for his commitment to implementing a number of service improvement ideas for the National High Secure Deaf Service at Rampton Hospital, to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Darren has introduced technology to the ward that has significantly helped the patients with their specific needs. He has worked to introduce a video call service for the whole Trust, allowing Deaf people to contact hospital sites via a mobile app to connect with British Sign Language Interpreters.

He is currently introducing impact resistant touch screens to patients’ bedrooms, giving them access to their care plans and other information in their care pathway, in a Deaf friendly manner. A key feature will be to provide information in video format, enabling patients to access information in their first language, British Sign Language (BSL).  This information is filmed on site by nursing staff and BSL Interpreters who have a good understanding of each individuals’ communication needs.

Diane Hull, Executive Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality said:

Huge congratulations to Darren for this fantastic achievement. He works incredibly hard to ensure our patients receive the best possible care and thoroughly deserves this recognition.

He has done a brilliant job, with the support of this team, to improve the daily lives of all the patients on his ward, and responds compassionately to meet their individual needs. Wishing him the best of luck for the next stage.

Darren has also gone above and beyond for his staff to offer suitable training opportunities, which in return enhance the skill level of his staff and can become a huge asset to improving the care delivered on the ward.

He organised training for all staff that support and care for patients on the ward. Training staff in level 1 and 2 in British Sign Language has enabled all the staff to effectively communicate with the patients. Also offering opportunities for staff to further their training and complete their level 3 in BSL.

He has always involved the members of his team in these developments. He has encouraged others to act upon their strengths, valuing their opinions, and engaging their expertise and ideas to establish the best way to implement the service improvement effectively, and involving the patients that he sees at the heart of all projects.

Darren said:

It was a complete surprise and honour to be nominated and shortlisted in the Awards.  I am very proud of the nursing team on the National High Secure Deaf Service who have risen to the challenge and achieved some amazing things for the benefit of our patients.

Winners will be announced at the Nursing Times Workforce Summit and Awards 2023  on Tuesday 21 November.



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