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Rough Guide to Rampton Hospital – courses for carers

We are running a new series of courses for carers, family members and friends of patients resident at Rampton Hospital.

The four sessions have been developed with the Trust’s Recovery College and have been co-designed with some of our current carers. They have been developed to aid carers, in particular those who have just started visiting the Hospital, to increase understanding about the Hospital, why patients are admitted here, what we do to help and how you as a carer, friend or relative, can be involved.

Sessions are held on a Saturday morning at the Mike Harris Learning and Development Centre from 10:45am to 1pm. The sessions are spaced out over a couple of months to help fit in with your life and possible visiting times.

Session details

Saturday 16 April

Rampton Hospital - Then and Now

An overview of the Hospital, its history and where it is now. Includes information about how the Hospital is staffed and who and where to go for information.

Saturday 28 May

Diagnoses - What do they mean?

Gain a better understanding of some of the illnesses that patients are diagnosed with and how they impact on the carer / patient relationship. Find out more about session 2 [pdf] 421KB 

Saturday 25 June

What is The Care Programme Approach?

The principles of the Care Programme Approach, who is involved in the process and how carers can get involved.

Saturday 9 July

Confidentiality and Carers Rights.

What confidentiality means, barriers to communication and the responsibilities of the Hospital, carer and patient information, the rights of a carer supporting a patient in a high secure environment.


There is a limited number of spaces at each session, so priority will be given to carers new to the Hospital.

To find out more or to book a space,  please contact the Family Support Team Email: or Tel: 01777 247571

Find out more about the Recovery College.



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