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Sense of Community work at Rampton Hospital progressing well

Ruby ward garden

Since May this year, eight wards at Rampton Hospital have been working on collaborative communal projects with the aim of enhancing their sense of community. 

These projects are now half way through with lots of successful plans being put into action across the participating wards, and staff and patients working alongside each other on something that is meaningful to them.

Some of the wards have been making the most of the warmer weather to do some gardening, enabling them to access areas off the ward and participate in an activity together to improve their living environment. Others have been coming together to engage in games tournaments including bingo, dominoes and pool, which is something they have a shared interest in. 

During recent interviews with the Involvement Team one patient said: “I think the project will be very positive in getting us outdoors and it will help our wellbeing to be more active.” Another patient said: “It’s good because I’m getting involved in things around the hospital, being able to affect change and contributing to the local community. It all helps to escape from the ordinary ward life and helps us cope better generally and in our mental health.”

The Hospital is looking into the best way to continue to support projects like these into the future and to enable all wards to take part. 




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