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Shortlisted in the national Go Excellence in Public Procurement Awards

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A Nottinghamshire Healthcare team has been shortlisted in a national award for its project to help reduce the organisations carbon footprint.

A joint Trust Procurement, Environmental and Continence team has been shortlisted in the national Go Excellence in Public Procurement Awards in the Best Net Zero Initiative Award. The Awards showcase those organisations leading the way in public procurement best practice across all UK nations.

Shortlisted for a new innovative continence project the Trust ran in partnership with their continence supplier Essity in the south of the county, to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the patient pathway. The project involved a digital assessment device of patients’ continence level and then that information was used to decide the correct product for that patient to meet their needs.

Alison Wyld, Executive Director of Finance and Estates said:

“It’s fantastic to see this project shortlisted and recognised nationally. The team have worked really hard with Essity to ensure our patients are receiving the best possible care, and the fact this also helps to reduce our carbon footprint is brilliant. Wishing the team the best of luck for the next stage”

The previous method involved a bladder diary, completed by the person or a carer. Data was then used to assess the amount of urine the TENA continence pad needs to hold. The data can often be estimations of a person’s fluid input and their urine output. Inaccurate data can lead to the wrong continence pad being prescribed and therefore poor patient experience, leakage & unnecessary waste.

Using the digital tool has several benefits including better control and comfort for patients, reduced costs overall due to less products being used & wasted, less washing of patient bedding and clothing required due to reduced leakage, reduced need for supplementary skin creams & a reduction in staff time. All of which ultimately led to a lower carbon footprint.

Winners will be announced on 1 June. More on the awards here: 2022/23 Finalists - Go Awards National



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