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South Notts ICP Update

As we begin to prepare our response and recovery to COVID, to support this and the work ongoing through the Local Resilience Forum, we have started to set the foundations for more effective integrated working across South Nottinghamshire under the South Nottinghamshire ICP.


A draft South Nottinghamshire ICP Governance structure has been developed to enable the delivery of ICP activity and will be shared with ICP partners week commencing 8 June 2020. 

Programme Director

The new ICP Programme Director, Sam Walters, will take up her new post from 15 June 2020. Sam will be hosted by the Trust and work on behalf of the partnership.

Clinical Leadership

Dr Aamer Ali, a geriatric consultant from NUH, joins the ICP clinical leadership team, and will be working

alongside ICP Clinical Lead Dr Nicole Atkinson and Dr Stephen Shortt. Read more about Aamer here.

There is also a vacant clinical post aligned to mental health.

ICP Operational Group

As the system moves out of the COVID crisis and into recovery, the ICP has established a weekly operational group to restart key activities and provide focus for emerging priorities. This group includes the South Notts locality team, ICP clinical team, providers and the ICP Programme Director.

Following a review of the draft workplan, six priority areas have suggested as a focus on over the next 6-12 months.


ICP Priorities




Enhanced Health in Care Homes

Implementation of the Primary Care Network Directly Enhanced Service

July 2020

Care Coordination

Service transformation opportunity across the ICP from March 2021

March 2021


Roll out of the

  • Rockwood frailty score
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Falls prevention and management

October 2020

Comms and engagement

Implementation of the ICP communication and engagement strategy

Throughout 2020

Health and Wellbeing

Activities to tackle on the wider determinants of health - awaiting feedback from LRF discussions

From July 2020

Learning from COVID

Share learning and implement new ways of working from across the partnership – awaiting feedback from LRF discussions.

From July 2020

Key leads are currently being identified to take these work areas forward and the intention is that sub-groups will be established to manage and implement the work area.

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