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Speech and Language team shortlisted for two national awards for fantastic service supporting children and parents

Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s fantastic Early Intervention Speech and Language team has been shortlisted for two national awards. They have been shortlisted in the Nursery World Awards in the Inclusive Practice category, as well as the Children and Young People Now Awards in the Public Sector Children’s Team Award

The team, commissioned by Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC), has developed four  services to help all children develop their best possible communication skills to help them learn and be happy. SSBC is a programme of activities designed to give every child the best start in life.

Learning to communicate is a crucial life skill. Language and communication skills help children and young people make friends, achieve and learn.

Becky Sutton, Chief Operating Officer at Nottinghamshire Healthcare said:

“Congratulations to the team for having their work recognised in not one, but two national awards, which is fantastic. Many children and young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCNs) can find it hard to join in and learn when they start school, and to manage their friendships and emotions.

“This is why the teams work is so important, with the right support – especially early in life – improvements can be made in children’s communication skills and reduce these wider difficulties. Wishing them the best of luck for both award ceremonies”

SLCNs are common. Nottingham has a higher than average number of children and young people with SLCNs. But, compared to the national average, Nottingham has lower funding and fewer staff to deliver speech and language services, including services for the youngest children.

Julia Harris, Speech and Language Therapist said:

“We are all committed to providing parents and children with the best possible support to help them to develop their language and communication skills, giving them the very best start in life. We are delighted to have our important work recognised in these awards”

The early intervention speech and language services delivered in partnership with SSBC aim to meet some of the need for high quality speech and language services.

The team offer four services for different early years groups, including sessions focused on learning through play and a course for parents, all designed to support speech and language development.

The team offer services for children and families in Aspley, Bulwell, Hyson Green and Arboretum and St Ann’s (SSBC wards), from age 9 months up until their 4th birthday.

All sessions focus on working closely with parents to help their child’s communication and language through play. Each of the four offers include activities such as singing, book sharing, no cost play ideas and messy play. Each offer involves coaching parents in evidence-based language strategies to support their child’s communication development.

If you would like to find out more please find the link to our four services here and the postcode checker to see if you live in the SSBC wards.

Winners of the Nursery World Awards will be announced on 30 September 2023 

The Children and Young People Now Awards will take place on 23 November.



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