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Stay aware of mouth cancer

Nottinghamshire Healthcare is encouraging people to be “Mouthaware” as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month throughout November.  

Nearly 7,000 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK each year.  It is the sixteenth most common cancer, with experts predicting it will continue to increase in the coming years. The most common types of mouth cancer are of the tongue, oral cavity and throat. 

Mouth Cancer Action MonthThe Oral Health Promotion Team, run by the Trust’s County Health Partnerships is working with local dental practices to promote the “if in doubt, get checked out” message. 

During Blue Wednesday on 4 November, the team, known locally as the Tooth Fairies of Nottingham, held stands at Stapleford Care Centre and Park House Health and Social Care Centre to raise awareness of the illness. They also joined forces with the New Leaf Stop Smoking Service to offer free carbon monoxide and lung age tests; smokers are three times more likely to develop mouth cancer. 

As part of the campaign the team is also asking people to share their Blue Lip Selfie as a sign of support. Upload a selfie to Facebook or Twitter using #bluelipselfie. 

Julia Wilkinson, Head of Oral Health Promotion said: “These events are a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of checking your mouth regularly as well as sharing the key oral health messages.”

Also, throughout November, Arnold Dental Centre and Keyworth Dental Centre will be offering free mouth cancer screening checks. 



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