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Top security score for Rampton Hospital

Rampton Hospital Rampton Hospital has received a rating of 97% in an annual audit by the Prison Service looking at security and risk reduction at the high secure hospital.

The Hospital, which is managed by Nottinghamshire Healthcare, has consistently achieved impressive scores each year, reflecting the dedication of staff to ensure the safety of patients, colleagues and the public. 

Feedback provided by the audit team included that they felt safe and noted how the work of Rampton Hospital focuses on the safe and secure care and treatment of patients and is a credit to the organisation.  

The audit team was very complimentary about the professionalism of the staff and particularly commended the management of tools on the wards and in therapeutic and educational areas.  They were also impressed by how welcome they were made to feel and the overall culture across the Hospital.  

Lee Brammer, Head of Security Services at Rampton Hospital said:  “We are really pleased with the score and the very positive feedback received.  I want to thank all staff for their hard work every day to deliver effective care and treatment to our patients in a safe and therapeutic environment.  

“The security and safety of our patients, staff, visitors and the public is paramount and we are delighted that the audit has reflected our continual work to reduce risk.  We will now develop an action plan to ensure the areas highlighted for minor improvement by the audit are addressed.” 



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