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Transfer of Chatsworth Unit to Nottinghamshire Healthcare

From 1 February 2019 some changes are being made to the way health professionals and patients can access certain neurological services in Newark and Sherwood, and Mansfield and Ashfield. 

The Community Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, formally known as the Chatsworth Unit, will become part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare and will be accessed through the Call for Care Number (01623 781 899).

The Community Neurological Rehabilitation Centre will provide multidisciplinary rehabilitation through planned short stay admissions for patients with complex needs due to a neurological condition, who are otherwise medically stable.

The service will provide multi-disciplinary advice, support, assessment and treatment to patients with a neurological condition, requiring intervention from 1-3 therapy disciplines for a maximum of 6 weeks.

The objectives of the service are: 

• to provide rehabilitation focused health interventions via interdisciplinary assessment and treatment programmes

• to alleviate or reduce impact of specific impairments or complications associated with neurological conditions

• to provide an appropriate level of support for people to gain, retain and/or regain independence and function

• co-ordinated discharge planning is a key goal for the rehabilitation programme.

The multi-disciplinary team comprises the following: occupational therapy, nursing, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, dietetics, rehabilitation assistants, clinical neuro-psychology and social worker; working in partnership with a range of social care, housing, education, leisure, voluntary services; as well as other health care providers to promote a stepped down approach after patients are discharged.



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