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Trust adopts visual technology to support the triage and treatment of patients

The Trust is to rollout a visual technology solution called ‘Isla’ to facilitate wound care and podiatric care across Nottinghamshire.

In response to the backlog caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Islacare is being rolled out across Nottinghamshire to enable patients, carers and guardians to securely and remotely share images and videos of wounds, skin tears, pressure ulcers and other ailments to enable clinicians to triage and treat patients more efficiently.

This rollout follows a three-month pilot in which Isla was trialled in six different areas including two community nursing teams. The pilot illustrated the many ways in which securely shared photos and videos can support ‘new ways of working’, provide clinicians with additional context and help address waiting lists.

Francesca Cook, Service Transformation Lead at the Trust said: “The application of Isla across our community services portfolio has provided clinicians with an alternative solution to support patients virtually. Access to good quality images and videos has streamlined clinical triage, reduced the number of face-to-face contacts for both first and follow-up interventions and supports the delivery of the self-care agenda empowering service users/carers to take responsibility for recovery and self-management.”

The opportunities we have as a community provider with the use of Isla also extend beyond our immediate care delivery. Working in partnership with our acute colleagues, we can streamline access into services and develop a digital enhancement to early supported discharge pathways and multidisciplinary team clinical loads. The partnership of community services and Isla is an exciting opportunity to really make a difference to our service users, their carers and families.”

Becky Sutton, Director of Community Health Services at the Trust added, “It’s been great to work with Islacare, the technology is easy to use, very intuitive and helps to improve the quality of care we can give to patients as well as increase productivity too!”

The Isla encrypted visual record can be integrated with other clinical systems as is the case with Isla’s ongoing integration with the Trust’s electronic patient record SystmOne. This will allow clinicians to capture and receive images through Isla and view them within the patient’s record on SystmOne.



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