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Trust Finalist in HSJ Awards for work with veterans

A project for veterans delivered by Nottinghamshire Healthcare, in partnership with Care after Combat and Project Nova, was a finalist in the HSJ’s Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award.

The award celebrates excellence in healthcare and health improvement for the Armed Forces community, as well as the importance of working in partnership with several stakeholders including the Defence Medical Services; the NHS; the Department of Health and Social Care; and the independent and voluntary sectors.

Although REGROUP, which is delivered across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, didn’t win the award, it was a finalist for its work supporting veterans within the criminal justice system. This is an innovative service to provide care not custody, care in custody and care after custody. Previously, there was no such coordinated provision of care within the criminal justice system for veterans and their families.

Through REGROUP veterans are supported to access suitable mental health and substance misuse services, gain housing and employment. The team also co-developed Veteran’s Signature, with input from veterans. This self-help and treatment workbook supports veterans to safely identify and share their traumatic experiences, helping them to understand and cope with their psychological symptoms and, often, subsequent misuse of alcohol and drugs.

In its first year REGROUP received 535 referrals. The team has also worked with organisations such as the police, courts, probation, and prison services to educate on the Armed Forces Covenant. With the support of REGROUP, veterans are less likely to re-offend, more able to access appropriate health and social care, and go on to achieve successful transitions into the community. 

Dr Adarsh Kaul, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Director at Nottinghamshire Healthcare said: “Although we didn’t we win, we were delighted to be a finalist, but this is not about us. This is about the veterans and their families who may struggle in their transition to a civilian life; coming into conflict with the law is a symptom of these struggles.”

The HSJ Awards were held on 17 March 2021. Visit  



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