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Urgent Medical Mental Health Line launched to improve access to mental health support

This week Nottinghamshire Healthcare has launched its Urgent Medical Mental Health Line, the first of its kind in the Country. This is a new service for patients who visit their GP and require urgent mental health support. The service aims to support patients (aged 18-65) who do not require crisis support, but who are still acutely unwell and can’t wait for a routine appointment, to get the help that they need quickly.

GPs are able to access the Urgent Medical Mental Health Line, Monday – Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm. They are able to speak directly to a Consultant Psychiatrist who will provide advice and guidance. If the issue cannot be dealt with on the phone and it is clinically urgent, the person can be seen by a clinician within three working days in a community setting. 

The service has been developed in conjunction with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) from across the South of the County. 

Dr Chris Schofield, Lead Consultant Psychiatrist, who led the project on behalf of the Trust said:

“We believe this will provide a valuable service to patients and aims to ensure they get the help that they need quickly, in a community setting. Through this we will be able to provide safer, faster and better care for the patients we serve.” 

The service will start in the South of the County, rolling out across Nottingham City in September. 

This is part of the Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) Vanguard for Greater Nottingham. Vanguards lead on the development of new care models which will act as the blueprints for the NHS moving forward and the inspiration to the rest of the health and care system. This Vanguard aims to create an urgent and emergency care system where A&E is no longer the first or ‘default’ choice for patients, by helping them access other more appropriate urgent mental and physical health services in the community. 

The launch of the service ties in with Mental Health Awareness Week which runs from 8-14 May. 

Paul Smeeton, Executive Director for Local Partnerships said:

“We are delighted to be able to launch this new service, offering further support to those who really need it. 

“GPs can already phone consultant physicians and surgeons and now they can phone a consultant psychiatrist. They will now be able to get timely advice in relation to mental health concerns and where necessary patients can be referred for an urgent assessment. 




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