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We are here to support you - A reminder from our CAMHS team

During this difficult time for both young people, their families and staff, CAMHS has continued to operate throughout the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, offering  support to young people with mental health difficulties and their families.

Staff have had to think creatively at times and adapt normal working to ensure young people receive the high level of support we always want to provide.  Normal face to face appointments have not always been possible due to the restrictions, however alternatives have been put into place. This has included assessment and treatment via telephone and video link. This has been offered through all CAMHS services.

If required; such as young people experiencing crisis, face to face appointments have continued.

Following the lifting of the initial lockdown restrictions, further face to face appointments have resumed. This has been in line with government advice requiring staff to wear full personal protective equipment and for the young person to wear a mask. Group work has resumed via video link.

Referrals to CAMHS services has remained the same process which is through self-referral, via the Trust’s website or by contacting the local Single Point of Contact on 0115 854 2299. Referrals can also be made via GP, school, social care or short breaks.

If you or a loved one needs support from our service, please do get it touch. More information can be found here:



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