Frequently asked questions

My enquiry is about a GP. Can Nottinghamshire Healthcare PALS help me?

Unfortunately not. Nottinghamshire Healthcare does not employ or manage GPs. For GP surgeries based in Nottingham City, please contact 0800 1830456 or email; for GP surgeries based in Nottinghamshire County, please contact 0800 0283693 or email

How can I access my medical records?

Please contact the Trust's Medical Records Department who will be able to help you. The Trust's switchboard number is 0115 969 1300.

Can I complain anonymously?

Yes. However, if you are expecting to receive a response we will be unable to do this without your contact details. Please be aware that all of our enquiries and complaints are treated confidentially.

I would like to compliment a team/individual for the service I have received. Can I do this through PALS?

Yes, please contact us to provide positive feedback and we will pass your comments on.

Can I change consultant or get a second opinion?

This is possible. You may wish to discuss this with or write to your current consultant. Alternatively, your GP may assist with the request if you talk to them. For further information or assistance, please contact our PALS team.

I am not happy with aspects of my treatment. What can I do?

It is important to make your doctor or clinical team aware of any concerns you have about your treatment. PALS is unable to advise on clinical matters but can liaise with clinicians on your behalf. For further information or assistance, please contact our PALS team.

I may have symptoms of a mental health problem. What should I do?

You should make an appointment with your GP. Your GP is able to refer you to mental health services. In an emergency you should attend A&E where you can be assessed by a mental health practitioner.



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