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Our patients’ families, friends and carers are very important. They add value to how we provide care to their relative or friend.

Wathwood Hospital is here to help people in their recovery. We help people to manage their symptoms and learn how to cope with their illness.

We address severe mental illness, alongside developing skills which will help people to build a better life. 



Our code of conduct, vision and provision of care

Wathwood is a Medium Secure Psychiatric Hospital and part of the National Health Service. We are a purpose-built, 78 bedded hospital. Catering for male patients aged 18 and above.

All our patients receive care and treatment under the Mental Health Act. They may have been suffering with a treatment resistive illness or have committed an index offence. 

All patients receive an individualised, recovery focused care pathway. A full Multi-Disciplinary Team approach provides the foundation of all our care and treatment programmes.

Our vision is to ensure best practice standards are delivered in an open, innovative and collaborative way.



Mental Health Advocacy

If you or your relative has concerns that they don’t feel listened to, a solution you could suggest is to talk to the independent confidential service for patients, called the Advocacy Service.

You can contact the Advocacy Team on 01709 870839



Support for carers

Under the 2014 Care Act, people who look after someone that needs support, (such as our patients), now have access to clearer information and better support to meet their needs.

Carers are able to request a Carers Assessment through their Local Authority (council), which will consider your caring role and how it affects your life and wellbeing. The hospital social worker can help you access an Assessment. 



Concerns of family or carers

If family or carers have any concerns about any aspect of a patient’s care they should talk to the patient’s named nurse, social worker or a carer link worker of their ward initially. 

They could also consider approaching the ward manager to discuss the concern further.



Carers Forum

The carers forum work using the principles of Triangle of Care. The forums are held four times a year, on a Saturday morning. This is where carers have the opportunity to meet with other families.

Our workshops help carers learn about how to best support and understand their relative with their mental health, both now and in the future.

Each ward has its own ‘carers link’ member of staff – they provide a point of contact for general information, support and provide a link to the carers forum.

The forum offers families the ability and opportunity to become more involved in Wathwood, as well as the forum, through becoming a carers representative. There are also opportunities to become more involved in activities within the wider Trust. 



The patient journey

There are four wards in the main hospital; ICU (intensive care unit), Assessment, Continuing Care and Rehabilitation.

Patients will move through these as their treatment needs change when they begin to recover. Some patients will progress to The Lodges, which is a secure rehabilitation unit, situated next to the main hospital.

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