Section 17 Restaurant

Section 17 Restaurant opened in 2012, a collaborative initiative between occupational therapy and hotel services. Inspired by ‘The Clink’ restaurant within HMP Highdown, Section 17 Restaurant provides vocational rehabilitation for patients at Wathwood Hospital.

Named ‘Section 17’ by patients to signify progress and recovery (as Section 17 grants patients leave into the community) there are opportunities to gain vocational skills and experience within the catering kitchen and front of house. These opportunities support patients in their recovery and prepare them for future work roles and employment.


A three-course seasonal, fine dining menu is offered to customers and patients are supported by staff to prepare, cook and serve menu choices. The restaurant is open for lunch once a month, to anyone over the age of 18, and can seat up to 20 customers. It is open to the public as well as hospital staff. We regularly welcome customers from the local community and family members. Patients and their families value the opportunity to spend time off ward and enjoy a meal together.

Reservations are required and need to be made in advance. To make a reservation or for more information please contact Kirsty Wilson, Occupational Therapy Manager on 01709 870822.





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